• 1、 Very love toy design for the lady and children ; 2、Kneading for anywhere on the body by the bear hand ; and change the kneading direction with the fixed time . Comfortable massage for the whole body . 3、Controlled by one button . 15 minutes auto shut off . There has the overheat protection . 4、It can be used as the gift 、toy and massager . 5、Color box size : 45x25x20 cm ,G.W. is 1.5kg ; One carton holds 8 pcs , the carton size : 87x53x46cm . G.W. is 14kg 6、We can combine each toy with the massage function according the customers demand , make some OEM and ODM design . 7、Looking for the distributor all over the world , pls contact my email :

  • Vibration air pressure and infrared waist support massage pad 1、 Waist support pad with 2 vibration motors on each side of the waist . 2、 The pad with one circular heating plate with several color changes . 3、 Easy using on the bed and sofa and everywhere in the family . 4、 The pad works with safety DC12V 2A adaptor , which pass each certification . 5、 It’s very portable and easy to take on the business trip . 6、 Air pressure massage on the waist , to relieve the pain and fatigue . 7、 The color is black 、pink 、red and white , other color can be asked based on the MOQ 1600 pcs . 8、 The gift box size is 48.7x10.5x26.5 cm , N.W. is 2.2 kg , G.W. is 3.5 kg . One carton can hold 5 pcs , the carton size is 50x28x54 cm . 9、Looking for the distributor all over the world , pls contact my email :

  • Electric vibration body slimming massage belt for weight reducing 1、Small size, easy to use. It can be used when reading, resting, watching TV. By massage, you can rebuild a good body shape. 2、Strong spiral vibration function can accelerate fat movement and keep perfect shape. 3、Applicable to the waist, legs, buttocks, arms and other body parts. 4、Microcomputer controlled processor, intelligent adjustment has four modes for automatic cycle switching, manual adjustment speed can be added and subtracted 7 times. 5、DC 12 V or rechargeable type is optional. 6、The gift box size is : 11*9*5 cm , G.W.:0.91kg ; One carton holds 24pcs , the carton size is 67x47x28.5cm , G.W.: 23kg . 7、Looking for the distributor all over the world , pls contact my email :

  • 1、Two pairs kneading heads;* Long press start to work with heating function. 2、clockwise with blue light and anti-clockwise with purple light(short press to change the direction) 3、20 minutes auto off functions; 4、It can massage at neck, shoulder, back, waist by using the handle; 5、Rechargeable function, Per recharge can working 1.5 hours. Battery:3.7V,2000MA 6、It’s easily portable to take in your business trip . The gift box size : 21X13X11 cm G.W. 0.85kg , One carton hold 12 pcs , the carton size : 44X41X24cm G.W. : 11.5kg 7、Looking for the distributor all over the world , pls contact the email :

  • 1、There are 7 vibration modes with changes , you can adjust the comfortable mode which is suitable for you . 2、With 3 vibration intensity from weak to strong . 3、100% waterproof which is test in 100 degree hot water , with IPX5 lever . Can be used on the bathroom 、seaside and swimming pool . 4、With the medical grade silicone like FDA , it’s safety for the body . 5、With the flexible 3 changeable massage heads , it’s soft and can be turned around in 360 degree . 6、Strong vibration motor with quiet sound . 7、It’s portable and easily carried , and used in the private place , such as the bathroom 、seaside and swimming pool . 8、With the rechargeable battery 60mAh inside , which can be connected with USB line . It can be used for 30 minutes , and rechargeable time is 15 minutes. 9、The color is red and customized color . 10、The gift box size is 20.8x12x4cm, G.W. is 0.25 kg . One carton can hold 40 pcs . The carton size is 49x43x22cm , G.W. is 11kg . 11、Looking for the distributor all over the world , pls contact my email :

  • 1、 Face lifting : Reshaping , lifting the whole face . Including eyes 、cheek 、neck to improve the whole face ; 2、 Skin tightening : Making the collagen regeneration , enhanced skin elasticity to make skin to the young state ; 3、 Wrinkle removal : Smooth skin remove crow’s feet 、forehead lines 、eyebrow wrinkles ; 4、 Eyebrow wrinkle removal : Promote metabolism stimulate the regeneration of elastic fibers , reverse the old caused by collagen loss to keep young ; 5、 Beautiful personal design , good effect portable , small and convenient and easy operated ; 6、 The voltage is DC24V , 4mhz ; 7、 The spare parts : manual 、adaptor 、injection syringes 、pad pasting and rubber stopper . 8、 The gift box size is 21x15x7cm , weight is 1 kg . One carton can hold 33 pcs , the carton size is 52x52x39cm , weight is 34kg . 9、Looking for the distributor all over the world , pls contact my email :

  • It’s one portable fitness equipment , which is suitable for the people to reduce the weight and whole body exercise Arm \ Abdominal \ Waist \ Bend \ Thigh \ Sitting \ Whole body training or exercise