Wireless Smart Radio Frequency Intelligent Temperature Control EMS Beauty Device Skin lifting Facial Massager.

Electrical Muscles Stimulation : EMS is used to activate the skin cell stimulating rejuvenation of collage


1.Electrical Muscles Stimulation : EMS is used to activate the skin cell stimulating rejuvenation of collagen ;

2.Radio Frequency : RF energy uses the tissue’s natural resistance within the various layers of the skin to transform the RF energy applied to the skin into thermal energy ;

3.Leading in the nutrition for the face ; Nourishing & Anti wrinkle ; Tightening and lifting the skin ; Brightening & whitening the face ;

4.Beautiful LCD displays the temperature (42 、45、50 degree ) and the battery volume ;

5.With the gold-plating cosmetic heads , we have the appearance and structure patent ;

6.It’s mini and portable in your hand , also can be treated as one gift and promotion ;

7.DC 3.7V 750mAh 4W , the vibration frequency is 7500Hz ;

8.The vibration intensity is from weak to strong in 3 degrees ;

9.The color is white \ golden and customized color , with the customer logo and photos ;

10.The working time is 20 minutes one time ;

11.The gift box is :19.2x7.7x7cm , G.W. is 0.122kg ; One carton can hold 40 pcs , the carton size is 40.5x39.5x30cm , G.W. is 12.45kg .  


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