Cordless nanometer water replenishing cosmetic water sprayer facial massager

It’s nanometer hydronium water sprayer , which atomize 0.3-0.5 micron water molecule


1.It’s nanometer hydronium water sprayer , which atomize 0.3-0.5 micron water molecule ;

2.The sprayer time is not limited , you can use it in long time . In general , others time is only 30-60 seconds ;

3.The osmotic force is powerful , which can enter into the interior skins and deeply moist ;  

4.The water box has 7ML volume , in general others only have 4.5ML ;

5.It has many advantages : Cold water sprayer refresh yourself ; Keep the face moisture ; Cool down when the weather is hot ;

6.The water is better using : mineral water 、pure water 、distilled water 、cold boiled water ;

7.When recharging , the light is red . The recharging time is 2 hours ; The battery is 350 mAh .  

8.The color is white 、golden 、pink and customized color ;

9.The gift box size is : 16.5x12.5x5cm , G.W. is 0.25kg . One carton can hold 60 pcs. The carton size is : 52.5x39.5x35cm , G.W. is 15.5kg .  


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