On March 28th, a Korean customer visited the company and signed a Korean beauty agency agreement for the product of facial beaut


On March 28th, Korean customers visited the company and signed an exclusive agency cooperation agreement for Korean facial massager products, and paid all the mold fees to establish a long-term strategic partnership.




When it comes to skin care products, many people respond first to the skin care products of major brands. In order to achieve the best skin care effect, the use of beauty equipment is indispensable. Exposure, air-conditioned rooms, dust, radiation, skin damage is still less? Before applying the mask, steam your face and absorb it better! When it comes to steamed face, it is recommended to use this facial beauty massager to open pores, hydration, deep cleansing, and fully replenish moisture deep into the skin to make deep hydration for the skin. Stick to the smoothness of the skin and the beauty needs to be adhered to.




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