Electric Double-head Shaitsu Full Body Infrared Heat Mini Massage hammer

Double-head Heat Massage Hammer Infrared Vibration Massage Hammer


Specification of this Electric Double-head Shaitsu Full Body Infrared Heat Mini Massage hammer


When massaged on the back, you can stimulate the Feishu point to treat the lung disease; the heart-shu point of the heart disease; the Dushu point that can widen the chest and the qi; and the Yushu point with the blood, wide and stomach; massage the lower back When you can stimulate the hepatic disease of the liver disease; the biliary acupoints that treat the gallbladder disease; the spleen, the stomach, the dampness of the spleen, etc.; massage the acupuncture points stimulated by the left and right shoulders, for the treatment of the head and face Disease, cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, etc., have a certain therapeutic effect; massage the side of the back, can also play a wide chest and qi, treatment of intercostal pain; can also try to chest, shoulder backwards, massage neck The acupoints such as the big vertebrae and the damper on the shoulder can treat cervical spondylosis and neck and shoulder syndrome. The various acupuncture points on the back of the massage can achieve the functions of dredging meridians, qi and qi, promoting blood circulation, and regulating the visceral activities and enhancing the internal organs. As long as you insist on back massage, you will receive obvious treatment and health effects. Heat Vibration Massage Hammer is a specially designed massage hammer that can provide concentrated massage effect, provide easy and effective massage, and can effectively cushion the impact. , strong performance, easy to operate and no noise. Infrared physiotherapy: improve the speed of fat decomposition, improve rheumatism, pain of constipation, relieve muscles, joint pain. Ergonomic design, easy massage of any part of the body, streamlined dolphins design, more dexterous and light, easy to take, easy to operate . The shape is cute, the volume is light, and the collection is convenient.

There are many types of massage, such as health massage, weight loss massage, beauty massage, hair massage, bath massage, travel massage, etc., each with different effects. The whole body massage is a massage technique that is used by the masseur to massage the body, which can eliminate fatigue, relieve tension, relax the muscles, and stretch. After the massage, people can feel relaxed, comfortable and refreshed. Chronic fatigue syndrome is actually a physical and mental illness that is common to middle-aged and young people. Physical and mental diseases, also known as mental illnesses, are diseases that are manifested as physical symptoms but are closely related to psychosocial factors in the occurrence, development, outcome and prevention. At present, there are more than 40 kinds of physical and mental diseases, including several of them, such as essential hypertension, coronary heart disease, asthma, ulcer disease, migraine, anorexia nervosa, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, stroke and its sequelae, enuresis, Dysmenorrhea, menopausal syndrome, low back pain, neurodermatitis, pruritus, etc. A full body massage and a foot massage can effectively relieve the body's (body) and mental (heart) fatigue.


 Electric Double-head Shaitsu Full Body Infrared Heat Mini Massage hammer


  1. High-grade ABS Cover with black and blue color , or customized color ;
  2. Massage for each part of the body : Back, Neck, Waist, Head, Abdomen, Leg, Calf, etc
  3. Two ball shape massage heads give you more comfortable massage experience .
  4. 3 Sets of the changeable heads you can choose , and provide you different feeling .
  5. With the infrared and the massage heads heat functions .
  6. Reduce the fatigue caused by fierce sports and relaxes the muscle .
  7. It’s mini and portable , can be treated as the gift and promotion .
  8. The gift box is 40x14x12cm , G.W. is 28kg . One carton holds 12 pcs , the carton size is 57x44x43cm ,G.W. is 16.5 kg
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