What are the functions of massage pillows

What are the functions of massage pillows

1, throbbing function, there is softness in strength, which can accelerate human blood circulation, dredge the meridians and relieve fatigue. Significant effect on back pain caused by acute and chronic lumbar muscle strain.

2. Far-infrared thermotherapy penetrates the human subcutaneous tissue, coordinates biological macromolecules to regulate body metabolism, immunity and other activities, improves the amount of ATPase synthesis in cells in the body, removes blood vessel accumulations and toxins, prevents blood vessel aging, activates tissue cells, Strengthens the immune system.

3. massage pillow for head stepless speed regulation High-speed massage can effectively stretch tight muscles, release joint soft tissue compression and speed up blood circulation; and soothing massage speed can help reduce fatigue and muscle soreness caused by exercise or mental tension.

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