Massage pillow function

      1. Massage pillow for head is a newly developed health product that combines traditional meridian massage with modern medical massage principles. There are 6 massage heads. It has two methods of massage and tapping, which can reduce the tension and oppression of the human body, make the whole body extremely comfortable, promote blood circulation and accelerate metabolism in the whole body, so as to achieve the effect of disease prevention and health.

       2. Two unique groups of infrared warming moxibustion methods can promote metabolism, enhance blood circulation, alleviate neuralgia and eliminate muscle fatigue; regulate qi and nourish blood, adjust visceral functions, and enhance human immunity; (you can also choose another direction when using With far infrared rays.) 3. At the same time, its unique stepless speed regulation does not divide the number of steps.

       4, more automatic sensors are installed inside the machine, when the speed has reached the limit, if you are not satisfied with your body's need to increase strength, as long as the body leans on the massage pad, the automatic sensor can increase the strength according to the pressure of your body .

       5. It can avoid burnout caused by overheating of the machine. At a certain temperature, the machine will automatically stop protecting. After cooling down, it can be operated again, and it can massage the shoulders, neck, back, waist, abdomen, legs, feet, soles and other parts.

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